About Me

An early game I made
An early Flash game I made when I was 15 years old

Hi, my name is Josh and I've been developing websites since I was 12 years old. I spent most my evenings growing up building websites with Flash games (see some old ones I made here) I was also making on them. This is what started my passion for both programming and web development. Both these mediums allowed me to use both logic and code combined with visual design to bring an idea I had to life. Although I haven't done much game development recently, I did enter a Ludum Dare 34 (a 48 hour game making compertition) with my friend and you can play our game Frontman here.

My hobby eventually took me to study Computer Science at University Of Southampton in the United Kingdom where I graduated with a 2:1 with honours. After graduating I continued to live in Southampton and began my career as a Web Developer. I originally did freelance work for Buckle Consulting, a small local Web Development company. I moved on to work for a larger company called Web3r and worked on their inhouse product Taxicode. Taxicode was a platform for taxi, minibus and coach bookings. It worked originally by having booking engines on a local site that was replicated across every town and city in the UK. It had a dashboard for the companies we signed up to login to view and manage their bookings, pricing and other settings to do with their site. One of the first large projects I developed from scratch for Taxicode was their price comparison sites. This took the existing price data we had about companies and bought that together to allow customers to search for the best possible price and compare that price with other companies that offer different vehicles and services. Other large projects I was responsible for was the developement of an API that we started using internally for everything as well as documenting for third parties to use. This lead on to the development of iOS and Android apps. I have worked for Web3r since March 2012 and continue to freelance for them now.

Me on the steps in Rio
Me in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
A map showing which countries I've visited
A map of my travels

When programming and web developement became my job new hobbies started entering my life. I had music lessons when I was at school and I began to get more involved in music production later in my life mainly focusing on electronic and hip hop production. My other main hobby was film production. I enjoy making short films and animations often to accompany my music. To see what music I've been listening to recently click here.

My final passion is travel. I love experiencing new things in different cultures. I've visited over 40 countries in 6 continents, but some of my favourite times were when I travelled in Central and South America.

In 2015 I planned to move abroad and after a lot of thought decided I would move to Stockholm in Sweden. I arrived in September 2016 and I'm very excited about all the new expereinces I will have here. Even though I hated them when I was at school I started enjoying languages more and more but not being able to speak any fluently (other than English) I also am trying hard to be able to speak Swedish.